Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Cocktails - Low Calorie Vegan Baileys

This is a drink that can be enjoyed no matter if you're celebrating Christmas in the warm Southern Hemisphere or having a White Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. Inspired by YDAD and her Vegan Bailey Grace recipe, here is my low calorie version.

Ingredients - 

200ml Whiskey
100ml White Rum
150ml Lite Coconut Milk
650ml Unsweetened Almond Breeze 
200ml of Strong Brewed Coffee
1 Tbsp Chocolate Vitarium Drink Mix
1 Cap of Vanilla Extract
10-20g Natvia (Stevia) Sweetener (to your taste)

Makes 1100ml - 10 standard drinks

Nutritional info per standard drink - (these stats will differ depending on the type of milk and whiskey/rum you choose)

100 calories
2.3g carbs
1.8g fat
2.3g protein
0.3g sugar
0.7g fibre

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