Saturday, February 23, 2013

Product Review Saturday: Vitarium Drink Mixes

I realise that many of my past Product Review Saturday posts have featured drinks. But, being Summer in Australia, it is drinks that I'm always reaching for, and to find some healthy and tasty other than water is a huge bonus.

You've seen me use Vitarium in more than a few recipes on the blog. It was even one of my favourite Australia products for 2012. 

Why do I love these drink mixes so much? Because they're sugar free. 

Made with my sweetener of choice, Natvia, Vitarium comes in a range of five flavours: Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Mocha and Drinking Chocolate.

The first three flavours are part of their Kids range, rivaling the popular Milo and Nesquick brands. While the packaging suggests adding four teaspoons to a glass of milk, I find one or two are sufficient in delivering that sweetness and flavour you desire. Your kids will never know the difference!

Just because it says 'kids' on the packaging doesn't mean us adults can't enjoy it too!

If you love steaming hot mug of Mocha Vitarium or a cold glass of milk flavoured with Strawberry, Banana or Chocolate Vitarium, try branching out a little. The great thing about Vitarium drink mixes, in addition to being sugarfree, is that they make for a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

Pictured below are some common staples in my fridge and pantry. The common theme between them all? They taste great with Vitarium added to them.

*  Rather than buying that popular chocolate-flavoured cereal, try some oats sprinkled with Chocolate Vitarium.

*  Mix a few spoonfuls of Vitarium with cottage cheese and spread over a organic rice cracker for a quick snack.

*  Turn your Chobani Greek yogurt from plain to sweet and flavourful.

*  Not a fan of non-dairy milks? Infuse them with some Vitarium to mask the taste and still reap the benefits. 

*  Sprinkle some Vitarium atop of home made coconut oil based chocolates to counteract the bitterness of the cocoa. 

*  I'm loving this MRM Vanilla Protein Powder (which is also sweetened with stevia), however some days I want a little more flavour. Adding some Strawberry or Banana Vitarium to my post-workout protein shake does the trick. 

Now that I've found Vitarium Drink Mixes, I would never go back to buying another brand. When I find such high-quality, delicious sugar free products, nothing else comes close.

With a price point comparable to their competitors, the next time you go shopping consider giving Vitarium a try. Being completely sugar free and so low in calories, these products mean you can have a sweet treat whenever you like without the guilt.

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NOTE: These products were purchased with my own money or were a prize from my participation in a Sweeter Life Club competition. I was not monetarily compensated for this review by Vitarium, Natvia or Sweeter Life Club. All opinions expressed are my own.