Sunday, March 10, 2013

Product Review: Wonder Winnie Lite Quencher

Supermarkets these days are flooded with drinks claiming to be healthy. It's only when you read the list of ingredients and the nutritional table that you find it to be misleading. 

Wonder Winnie backs up its claims. Their drinks are made of 100% natural ingredients, are low calorie and contain no added sugar. 

The fact that more companies are choosing to use stevia as a sweetener is great news for all of us trying to cut down on sugar in our diets. 

Of course juicing your own fruits and vegetables is better for you, but for a treat, Wonder Winnie is a great alternative to other products on the market. It's nice when you want something naturally flavoured that isn't fizzy or full of sugars or artificial sweeteners. 

Wonder Winnie comes in four delicious flavours:

* Cranberry & Apple with Aloe Vera

* Grapefruit with Ginkgo Biloba

* Cranberry, Apple & Lemon with Echinacea 

* Apple & Lemon with Guarana 

I actually can't pick a favourite as I love cranberry and all citrus fruits. 

For a 250ml serve the four flavours range from 16 calories - 41 calories, and 3.7g carbs - 9.8g carbs; great macros for a drink. 

Other serving suggestions:

Drink Wonder Winnie as is or over ice
Use in low calorie versions of your favourite cocktails
Freeze in popsicle moulds as low sugar treats for yourself or your kids
Make your own iced green tea infusions with Wonder Winnie

From the looks of their website you may be able to find Wonder Winnie in smaller, single-serve 250ml bottles AND in a new flavour: Raspberry & Cranberry with Rosehip. Keep an eye out for them when you're at the supermarket.  

You can find Wonder Winnie in the juice aisle of Woolworths supermarkets.

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NOTE: These products were purchased with my own money. I did not receive samples nor was I monetarily compensated by Wonder Winnie. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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