Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Tattoos: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Tattoo - Rose
Body Part - Left Kneecap
Tattoo Artist – Grant Cobb
Location - Third Eye Tattoo; Carlton, Australia
Date - May 2012

Swollen knee right after the tattoo was complete
(Credit – Grant Cobb)

When I found out that Grant Cobb had a guest spot in Melbourne, I knew I couldn’t resist getting a tattoo from him. Over the years I’ve seen his work in various magazines and tattooed on the skin of celebrities, from the Madden brothers (Good Charlotte) to Travis Barker (Blink 182).

While flowers don’t like me (hello hay fever), I love love love them as tattoos. I wanted something traditional and simple for my kneecap. I settled on a rose as when my knee is bent it doesn’t warp the shape as much as a more detailed piece might. I think it ties in nicely with my other pieces.

The yellow ink that Grant used is actually unique to those who work at Spotlight Tattoo.  The legendary Bob Roberts has a collection of tattoo inks that he has collected over his almost 40 year tattooing career. Many of the inks in his collection are ones that are no longer in production.

To keep some tattoo history alive, a friend of theirs reproduced some of the original tattoo inks. The yellow used by Grant in my tattoo is one of those inks. To be carrying around a little piece of history makes this tattoo all the more special to me.

This post reminds me that it has been almost a year since my last tattoo, perhaps that it is invisible thorn.

Going from getting five tattoos within an eight month period, to no tattoos for over a year is a shock to the system.

The reality of my situation is not knowing if and/or when I'll get tattooed again.

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