Monday, April 22, 2013

My Tattoos: Inking Holiday Memories

Tattoo - Peony

Body part - Wrist
Tattoo Artist - Jose Cordova
Tattoo Shop - Love Hate Tattoo
Location - Miami, Florida, USA
Date - December 2010

From November 2010 to January 2011 I was on holidays in the US. 

It was the middle of Winter, however I was lucky to spend time in several states like California, Nevada and Florida where there’s warm weather all year round.

When I arrived back to the US after I went on a cruise from Miami to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico, I knew that I had to get a tattoo. I was headed north where the weather would be less than pleasant and I wouldn’t be going swimming.

I was in Miami where there were quite a few tattoo shops that offered ridiculously cheap tattoos. I was wise enough to steer clear of those places and I made a bee line for Love Hate Tattoo, the place made famous by Miami Ink.

I knew I wanted to get a flower tattoo after seeing such tropical flowers at each port the cruise ship stopped at. I love traditional Japanese tattoo imagery, with peonies being a popularly used flower.

Having this peony on my wrist is a constant reminder of that life-changing trip. I can’t wait to go back to the US to get more ink and make more memories. Other than that there’s not much else to say.

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