Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Tattoos: The Secret Butterflies

Tattoo - Butterflies

Body part - Inside of each thigh

Tattoo Artist - Daniel
Tattoo Shop - Beautiful Body Art
Location - Narre Warren, Victoria
Date - Mid 2008

My second and third tattoos were a rather spur of the moment decision. I was 20 and it had been three years since I had gotten my first tattoo. I wanted another tattoo but I was still living at home and I knew that my parents would kill me.

Once again the location of my tattoo was of the utmost importance. The tattoo had to be somewhere I knew my parents would never see. Embarrassingly enough I got inspired by a scene in ’40 Days And 40 Nights’. One of the female characters had the inside of her thigh tattooed.

I wanted something small and girly, so, of course I went for butterflies. I picked something off the internet and went back to the same tattoo parlor where I got my dragon done. My blue butterfly on my inner left thigh was done and the following week I got a purple butterfly on the inside of my right thigh.

They’re not all that impressive, but they’re two tattoos most people wouldn’t know that I have. As with all my tattoos they were done for me, not for anyone else’s approval.

It wasn’t until September of last year that my mum happened to see one of the butterflies. I had just arrived home from the 1st Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo where I got my left thigh tattooed. When I was showing her my new piece she saw one of them. She wasn’t at all surprised as she always suspected that I had other tattoos.

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