Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Tattoos: The Song That Started It All

(The song that started it all..)

Tattoo - Street Lamp, Flowers, Banner and Seether “Rise Above This” Lyrics
Body Part - Right Thigh
Tattoo Artist – Arn Lyons
Location - The Piercing Urge
Date - Started: February 2012, Completed: March 2012

chose lyrics from “Rise Above This” by Seether as it’s a reflection of my past emotional struggles and dysfunctional friendships. 

I woke up everyday and felt as though I was in a pit of darkness with no way of escaping. It wasn’t until I cut ties with certain people that I regained control of my own life. 

Now I’m in the light, where I am most happy. All that negativity and the bad memories are in the darkness; the place I vow never to return to.

I’ve probably said this every time I’ve gotten a tattoo, but this is definitely my favourite tattoo. It holds so much more meaning than my other pieces. I couldn’t be more pleased with Arn’s work.

If you’re in Melbourne be sure to check out The Piercing Urge, they’re bursting with incredibly talented tattoo artists.

If you have Instagram you can follow him @aaronlyons


  1. I have "Call the clouds and listen closely, I'm lost without you..." tattooed on my back, in memory of my cousin, who passed away, when we were kids. He was my best friend and losing him made my world collapse. This lyric took exactly how I felt and put into words.

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's passing. Such beautiful and perfect lyrics to remember him by.

    2. Thank you. It's been 17 years, this past August and still feels like it was yesterday. Every time I hear that song, it makes me think of him. The first time I heard that lyric, I KNEW it would have to be a tattoo I would get. Seether is SUCH an amazing band! I love them and I love the way their music makes me feel.