Friday, April 19, 2013

My Tattoos: These [Feet] Tattoos Were Made For Walking

Tattoo - Medusa and Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull

Body part - Feet

Tattoo Artist - Ran Maclurkin
Tattoo Shop - The Piercing Urge
Location - Prahran, Victoria
Date - August 2010

A further two years passed before I get tattooed again. I began reading tattoo magazines and was gaining an appreciation for tattoo art; the skill, talent and hard work of tattoo artists was inspiring. 

I discovered Ran Maclurkin from Australian Ink magazine (now known as Inked Australia/NZ). The magazine was also how I came to find out about The Piercing Urge where I’ve had many a hole poked through my flesh). I  liked his unique style and some of the Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skulls I had seen him tattoo.

I still wasn’t comfortable investing in a tattoo and taking up prime real estate on my arms. I figured feet tattoo would still be easy to hide in shoes.

I have a strong connection with these tattoos. I got them only a couple of months before I travelled alone overseas. It was a trip that literally changed by life. Since getting these tattoos both my grandparents have passed away, but the Day of the Dead skull is a reminder of my memories with them.

When I was in Mexico and a shop keeper couldn’t believe that I had a dia de los muertos tattoo. We had a great conversation about it as he wrapped up my purchases where he told me about the history of traditional Mexican art. It has been one of the most positive experiences and conversations that started from talking about tattoos.

My Medusa is a representation of my strength and determination. In life there will always people who do me wrong, unlike Medusa I cannot turn them into stone, however I can in my mind. Medusa imagery has been used over centuries to avert evil; I like to think my tattoo does the same. If you betray my trust you’ll metaphorically be turned to stone, no longer having any input or affect over my life.

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