Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Tattoos: What A Hoot

Tattoo - Owl, Skull and Roses
Body Part - Left thigh
Tattoo Artist - Craigy Lee
Location - Melbourne Tattoo And Body Art Expo
Date - September 2011

It was thanks to Inked Australia/NZ Magazine that I discovered Craigy Lee. I am a big fan of his neo-traditional style.

My original concept was an owl perched atop a skull, a pocket watch in its claws, surrounded by a mix of decaying and blooming roses. I gave Craigy Lee complete artistic freedom to make the design his own. 

The pocket watch was an element which was removed from the design as it would have made the piece too cluttered. The decaying roses would not have translated well, so instead the skull is missing the lower jaw, adding a dramatic effect.

Being a night owl myself, I’ve always loved these creatures. For centuries owls have been symbols of wisdom. 

The owl symbolises me and my journey to see my life clearly for the first time. Being wise enough to recognise the toxic environment I was in and letting that part of my life die (the skull). The roses blooming are for the new me and my new life.

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