Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[Product Review] Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Couscous

I'm slowly working my way through the goodies I won from an iHerb competition late last year. 

Today I bring you my review of Lundberg Brown Rice Couscous

As this couscous is made from brown rice, and not the traditional wheat flour, it's gluten free.

It is made in a gluten free facility, so there's no chance of contamination.

The couscous is roasted which gives a nice nutty taste to it. The texture is strangely similar to that of quinoa, not wheat couscous. 

I actually prefer this to brown rice because it is so light and fluffy. I feel satisfied rather than have a heavy feeling in my stomach after eating it. 

Use it in place of rice in meals, in a salad instead of quinoa, or even add it to soup to thicken it up and make for a more filling meal.

This brown rice couscous is so easy to make, it's almost impossible to stuff up.

Simply boil water in a saucepan (follow the rule of 2 parts water to 1 part couscous)

Add couscous and stir

Replace the lid and cook on the lowest heat for 10-13 minutes

Remove from the heat, leave the lid on and allow to stand for 5 minutes

Take the lid off and fluff with a fork

30g (dry) serving size

99 calories
2g protein
1g fat
23g carbs
1g sugar
2g fibre

Cost $2.74 or 30 cents per serve

Check tomorrow for my favourite brown rice couscous dish

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