Friday, April 26, 2013

Protein Sources For Vegans & Vegetarians #2

When you think protein, your mind generally thinks of meat, protein shakes or beans and grains mentioned in my protein source post.

You may have hated eating peas as a child, but did you know they have six grams of protein per 100g serve?

Below I have collected the macros (nutritional info) for some of my  favourite vegetables.

When it comes to fresh or frozen vegetables, I endeavour to have a combination of the two in my meals.

Frozen vegetables are picked at their peak of freshness, frozen to seal in the nutrients and for our convenience. If you like variety in your meals, frozen vegetables are a great option because they won't go mouldy before you can eat them all.

Fresh vegetables in supermarkets may sometimes not be as fresh as you think, and that's coming from someone who worked in one for several years. Try picking up fresh veggies at a local farmer's market where you'll also be supporting local businesses.

Just from eating a variety of vegetables each day you are getting an extra protein boost which is essential in any vegan or vegetarian diet.

Macros per 100g serve


Source: Google

Snow Peas

41 calories
3g protein
0g fat
7g carbs
4g sugar
3g fibre

Source: Google

Sugar Snap Peas

47 calories
2g protein
0g fat
8g carbs
4g sugar
2g fibre

Source: Google


50 calories
3g protein
1g fat
10g carbs
0g sugar
2g fibre

Source: Google

191 calories
1.9g protein
19.5g fat
1.9g carbs
0.5g sugar
3.4g fibre

Source: Google


14 calories
1.7g protein
0.2g fat
0.6g carbs
0.2g sugar
1.4g fibre

Source: Google


26 calories
3.1g protein
0.8g fat
0.5g carbs
0.3 sugar
2.1g fibre


Source: Google

Brussel Sprouts

44 calories
3.5g protein
1.3g fat
2.5g carbs
2.4g sugar
4.3g fibre

Source: Google
Green Beans

35 calories
1.7g protein
0.1g fat
4.7g carbs
2.1g sugar
4.1g fibre

Source: Google

Green Peas

81 calories
6g protein
0.9g fat
9.7g carbs
2.7g sugar
5.1g fibre

Source: Google
Broad Beans

97 calories
7.9g protein
0.6g fat
11.7g carbs
1.3g sugar
6.5g fibre

Source: Google


29 calories
3.1g protein
0.8g fat
1.1g carbs
0.9g sugar
2.3g fibre

Source: Google


31 calories
2.9g protein
0.9g fat
2.1g carbs
1.8g sugar
1.6g fibre

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