Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Favourite iHerb Products

Today I thought I'd share with you the products which I regularly purchase from my favourite online health food store,

Many of these products have made an appearance on this blog, in recipes or product reviews. They're foods  and products which I generally consume on a daily basis. 

Make sure to read the whole post to find my iHerb discount code for you to use!

My favourites are:

The English Toffee and Peppermint are two
which I use on a regular basis.

They have a huge range of flavours
to choose from.

Check out my SweetLeaf liquid stevia
review here.

I cannot profess how much I
love this brand of tea.

My firm favourites, and go-to
flavours are Country Peach Passion

Read my Celestial Seasonings
review here.

When it comes to protein powders, I'll admit that I am rather picky, avoiding ones with chemical sweeteners. Protein powders sweetened with stevia are few and far between. 

MRM protein is up there with About Time as one of my favourites.

Click here to read my MRM review.

If I've had one addiction this year, it has been peanut flour.
Gluten free, high protein and so versatile, it's an addiction I don't mind having. 

Not sure about peanut flour? Have a read of my peanut butter versus peanut flour post.

Check back next week for a post about flavouring your peanut flour!

And, don't forget, if you're a first time customer, you can save up to $10 off your first order by entering my discount code NDW884 at the checkout!


  1. Don't taunt me with that picture of the Sweetleaf English Toffee stevia! With my most recent iherb order I decided to give the new Now Foods Better Stevia English Toffee a try for a was a regrettable decision.

    1. haha sorry! I bought the hazelnut of Now Foods liquid stevia and it tasted like alcohol, no matter how few drops I used. Serves me right for not reading the whole item description. SweetLeaf definitely is the way to go.

    2. I find especially if I don't constantly stir whatever drink I have added it to it sinks to the bottom and I end up with this overwhelming alcohol taste.Not very pleasant :/ I hope Sweetleaf will take me back - I'll never cheat on it again! (Except for occasionally buying NuNaturals stevia).