Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week of Soup Recipes

All of a sudden this cold weather has hit Melbourne, and for once, instead of there being four seasons in one day, it's just the one: Winter.

I don't know about you, but my desire to cook completely diminishes when I am freezing cold. The last thing I want to do is slave away in the kitchen, when I could be curled up by the fire, enjoying a good book.

The solution? Soup. 

Sound simple enough doesn't it? It's so easy and requires very little effort to prep a huge pot of soup for the week. Take it to work with your, or heat up a bowl when you get home. 

There really isn't anything better than a nice warm and hearty soup on such wet and dreary days. 

What can you expect from a Week of Soup Recipes?

I'll be putting a little spin on the Mexican Tomato Soup that I made a few months ago.

My personal favourite and a classic, Pumpkin Soup

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Soup

Spicy Zucchini Soup

.Creamy Tomato Soup

Check back Sunday for the first creation in a Week of Soup Recipes

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