Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beserk: Alternative Online Store

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll have seen the amount of clothing and accessories from Beserk Clothing that I've added to my Wishlist

I've never been one to follow fashion trends and going to the local shops is just a complete nightmare; there's just nothing that I like. When I began reading tattoo magazines a few years ago, I saw Beserk advertised and was intrigued. I had been looking for a store like this all my life.

When you're after dark and alternative, or kawaii and cutesy clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup, Beserk is the website to visit. Why place orders at multiple websites and paying exorbitant shipping costs when there's Beserk.

Beserk is your one-stop-shop for all your favourite international brands such as:


Iron Fist
Akumu Ink
Too Fast
Jessica Louise
Hell Bunny
So So Happy



Makeup & Hair Colour

Lime Crime
Manic Panic

Handbag, Purses & Accessories

Iron Fist
Lux De Ville
Kreepsville 666

...and More

Beserk also stock a large range of:

Collectables, Bed Linen, Homewares, Magazines, Mens and Kids Clothing, Contact Lenses, Edibles, Corsets, Hoisery and so much more. 

Social Media

Twitter: @BeserkClothing 


  1. I do a lot of window shopping on the Beserk site.Most of my clothes I buy online because there aren't any local shops that cater to my gothly needs.I tend to stick with UK sites though - the clothes are cheaper and shipping costs are decent too.And Ebay's great as long as you know what brands to look for (a few of my favourites are Punk Rave,Poizen Industries,RQ-BL,Spin Doctor etc).

    1. I'm with you, nowhere around where I live sells anything remotely like what's on the Beserk site. My three local shopping centres are basically identical in terms of shops; no variety at all.
      I get myself in trouble on ebay, so I try my best to avoid it.