Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Favourite Tattoo & Body Modification Websites

With the internet boom in the past decade, the online world has become a vast resource of information, education and entertainment for those interested in tattoos and body modifications.

It has never been easier to research tattoo artists from all around the world, book appointments and share your new ink with your followers on social networking sites. 

Tattoo magazines will always have an audience because they promote the best of the best tattoos and the artists behind them; unlike the internet where everyone from professionals to backyard scratchers can share their work, whether it be good, bad or ugly. 

There are only so many pages to a magazine, thus the internet is there to fill the gap. 

Tattoo Websites

Body modifications are not something which are often covered by magazines. There are your standard piercings, such as nose, lips and ears, and then there's ear scalpelling, implants and scarification. These extreme body modifications are procedures which only highly-trained professionals should perform. So where do people get their information? The internet, of course. 

Having internet access means finding such people is much more accessible. The greater knowledge people gain only means good things for the industry and their own well-being. 

Body Modification Websites

Whether you've had a bad day and just want to have a sneaky laugh at some terrible tattoos, needing advice on a piercing, or are looking for tattoo inspiration, there is a website, forum or tumblr just for you. 

If you're an Instagram addict, take a squiz at the list I compiled of tattoo artists you should be following.

Which other sites would you add to the list?

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