Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[Product Review] Stevita Liquid Stevia

Now, you all know how much a fan I am of SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, but I thought it was time to test out some other brands to see how they match up.

Stevita is a brand which I've seen many bloggers mention in their posts. It's an alcohol-free liquid stevia, naturally flavoured and container in a BPA-free bottle.

Stevita contains grapefruit seed extract (a natural preservative) which means it does not require refrigeration once opened, unlike other brands. This means you can carry Stevita in your handbag wherever you go.

I would say the flavour of Stevita is more subtle than other brands, which means adding that extra drop by accident won't leave your meal overtly sweet or overpowered by the added flavour. 


Chocolate - when added to milk or yogurt, it tastes like that sugary chocolate syrup most of us had as children. It's delicious added to coffee to make a mocha drink, and also gives any cocoa recipe that true chocolate flavour, combating cocoas natural bitterness. 

Peppermint - Combined with the chocolate liquid stevia, sugar free choc-mint flavouring doesn't get any better. Add that Christmasy feeling to your drinks all year around. 

Peach - matches perfectly with Country Peach Celestial Seasonings tea, because more peach flavour is never enough. Also try it with soda water for a sugar free fizzy treat. Even adding this to a glass of fresh-squeeze orange juice makes for a delicious tropical twist to a morning favourite drink. 

Vanilla - turns your ordinary and somewhat tart Greek yogurt into smooth and creamy vanilla yogurt with just five drops. Also goes great with coffee to make your own Starbucks drinks at home.  

Stevita is available in a further three flavours: Toffee, Cinnamon and Strawberry. 


$5.39 for a 40ml bottle

160 serves per bottle
3.4 cents per serve of 5 drops

Where to buy

You can find Stevita liquid stevia at iHerb and Vitacost.
If it's your first order at either of those websites, use my discount codes on the sidebar to save up to $10.

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