Friday, September 6, 2013

[Product Review] Now Foods Better Stevia

A few weeks back iHerb was offering these newly packaged and new flavours of Now Foods Better Stevia at a highly discounted rate. I purchased the four flavours pictured below as part of my plan to test out all the liquid stevia brands on the market. 

Months ago I purchased the hazelnut liquid stevia and I really disliked it. The liquid was actually quite thick and sticky and the flavour so artificial and alcohol tasting. I don't know if Now Foods has altered their formula, but now I am a huge fan. 

Tropical Fruit - takes me back to childhood and the Tropical Punch flavoured Lip Smackers. Don't let the strong fragrance put you off, it tastes delightful mixed with soda water - such an inexpensive and healthy soda option for kids and adults alike. 

French Vanilla - is such a sweet smelling flavour, and unlike many alcohol-based vanillas, you'll find no trace of that pungent fake essence smell. When mixed with almond milk the French Vanilla stevia almost had a hint of coconut to it - kind of odd, but hey, I'm not complaining! Use it in cooking and you'll be sure to notice the difference as it will take the dish to the next level. 

Pomegranate Blueberry - such a unique flavour for liquid stevia and it does not disappoint. Again, another perfect flavour to mix with soda water or even to use in baking to add a special touch to a berry cake or muffin. 

Dark Chocolate - is actually a quite subtle flavour. It reminds me of Cottee's chocolate syrup which makes it perfect mixed with coconut milk ice cream, in a milkshake, a frappuccino or even hot coffee. 

Also available in:

Coconut * Cinnamon Vanilla * English Toffee * Hazelnut * Lemon Twist * Original (unflavoured)


Now Foods Better Stevia contains alcohol and vegetable glycerin which act as preservatives. Like the Stevita liquid stevia, it does not require refrigeration - perfect to keep in your handbag and use throughout the day.


$8.95 for a 60ml bottle
5 drops per serve/ 462 serves per bottle
2 cents per serve

Where to buy and if it's your first order, enter NDW884 at checkout to save up to $10


Twitter: @NOWFoods 

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