Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breakfast Ice Cream [Vegan, Low Fat & No Added Sugar]

Sometimes you just wake up with a hankering for all things sweet and unhealthy, like ice cream. Today we're making a guilt-free vegan version.

Yes, breakfast ice cream is a thing, and a wonderful thing at that. 


2 Large Frozen Bananas
3-4 tsp Vitarium Drink Mix in Mocha
Splash of water or almond milk


Place everything in a blender and pulse until smooth

You may need to add a little liquid to help during the process

(I recommend using a Magic Bullet blender [or a cheap knock-off], a Vitamix, or a food processor)

Makes 1 serve


190 calories
2.6g protein
0.9g fat
46.6g carbs
24.7g sugar (all naturally occurring)
5.3g fibre

For a kid-friendly version, I suggest using the Kid's Chocolate Vitarium. 

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