Thursday, January 2, 2014

UPDATED: My Plug Collection

My ears are currently stretched to 3/4" (19mm). My collection of plugs is quite small as I didn't want to make the same mistake as I did at 00g. I learnt my lesson at 00g where I bought 15-20 pairs which I never wore since I ended up stretching my lobes further.

I'm hoping I will get a few pairs for Christmas and my birthday.

Kaos Silicone Solid Front Plugs in White and Black

Kaos Silicone Clear Earskins

Silicone plugs are a great investments because they're comfortable, durable and almost mould to the shape of your ear.
Urban Star Organics: Pair of Horn Double Flared Plugs With Abalone Shell Inlay

Halftone Bodyworks Stainless Steel Single Flared Eyelet

Diablo Organics Quartz Crystal Stone Double Flared Domed/Flat Plugs

and the newbies to my collection:

I was fortunate to win $100 credit from Omerica Organic through their weekly Facebook guessing game, and also treated myself to an extra pair.

Stone Inlay Paua - Osage Orange wood
(my pair have a slightly greener stone)

 CHAMPAGNE CZ's - Bloodwood with Bloodwood inlay 
(the wood almost looks glittery in contrast with the gems)
MAYAN TUNNELS - Pink Ivory wood

CONCAVES - Gaboon Ebony wood

These have quickly become firm favourites as they're so beautifully hand-crafted, true to size and feel so light in my ears. If you fancy purchasing yourself some Omerica Organic plugs or tunnels, don't forget to enter MEDUSA at checkout to score 20% off your order.


I just added another three pairs of Omerica Organic plugs to my collection. This time I went for the more unusual shapes and a pair which allows me to use my old "normal" earrings.

Earring Plus Dangle in GE/KTX wood

Ovals in Chechen wood

Teardrop in Tiger Ebony wood

Don't be afraid of trying out different shaped plugs in your healed stretched ears.
 You would not believe it, but these oval and teardrop plugs are even more comfortable in my ears than standard round plugs. They give a unusual, yet subtle, shape to my ear lobe which is a nice change from the norm.

I'll be adding some photos of my plugs in my ears in the coming weeks, so keep checking back!

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