Sunday, January 26, 2014

Up to my Eyeballs in Prizes

When I found out that I had won first prize in the Sweeter Life Club Festive Bake Off Competition I was more shocked than anything. 

I had entered a recipe for each of the three themes, for fun more than anything, not thinking I would win anything. But low and behold, I received an email on Monday asking for my address to be sent my prizes. 

Over the course of two deliveries, this is what I received:

A six month supply of Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies

A six month supply of Food for Health muesli and snack bars

A Natvia/Norbu/Vitarium pack

The remaining prizes include a $500 donation to a charity of my choice, a $200 voucher for Kitchenware Superstore and a 1-year subscription to Healthy Food Guide magazine.

To say I feel a little spoilt would be an understatement!

It didn't take long for my dad to plow into the bars, so I think I'll have to hide them under lock and key so they last longer than a week. 

There was a little bit of drama with the deliveries. I received the Melinda's cake mixes one day as there was a little miscommunication at their office. That was fine, of course, and they sent out the rest in another delievery. This is where the fun began. 

Yesterday (Saturday) my parents answered the door to find a man with my prizes/parcles. Australia Post being as hopeless as they are (I have more than a few stories about them), had delievered the prizes to his house instead. How fortunate am I that he was honest and nice enough to take time out of his day to fix Australia Post's error. 

I think I'll have to cook up one of the cakes for him and take it around to his house to show how grateful I am. It's good to know that there are some nice people in the world.

So, if you love entering competitions, be sure to like the Sweeter Life Club on Facebook. Who knows, you could be a winner in their next competition!

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