Monday, February 24, 2014

Acai Banana Ice Cream

I love that with fruit ice cream, and banana ice cream in particular, that it's just as creamy as the real thing, but with the added benefit of it being low fat and providing a decent amount of fibre. Plus you can eat 2-3 times as much without feeling guilty.


2 Frozen Bananas
1-2 tsp Acai Powder


Add the bananas and acai powder to a blender, adding a little water in order for the blades to break up the bananas
Continue to pulse the blender (adding more water as you go if needed), until the banana is smooth and creamy
Scoop into a bowl and enjoy

Makes 1 serve

Macros per serve

230 calories
2.8g protein
2.2g fat
54.1g carbs
28.9g sugar
6.9g fibre

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