Saturday, February 22, 2014

[Product Review] Pepsi Next

Note: I was provided with several cans of Pepsi Next in return for a review, as a part of a Product Talk by Nuffnang.

If you're unfamiliar with Pepsi Next, it is a new "relatively better for you cola" as it contains 30% less sugar but, most importantly, is sweetened naturally using Stevia.

You may find it a little strange for me to be reviewing a product containing sugar. As someone who mainly creates sugar free recipes or ones containing only naturally occurring sugars, even I crave foods and drinks that I used to consume.

I know not everyone who reads my blog shares my diet so that's why I wanted to review this product. When I first saw the advertisements for Pepsi Next I was intrigued. I'm all for more companies to introduce stevia as a natural sweetener.  Stevia is still a relatively new discovery for many in Australia, but things are changing.

I find that with the combination of sugar and stevia that Pepsi Next isn't sickly sweet like other cola drinks. There's still that great Pepsi taste but without the guilt. If you're craving soft drink, it's always best to go with the regular rather than the diet version, so Pepsi Next is the perfect match.

Being Summer, there's often nothing more refreshing than a cold can of cola. I remember on family holidays when having cola was a treat for me and my brother. Do you remember those drinks called spiders? Every Christmas, no matter where we were on holidays, we would have a spider. We savoured every sip of those delicious creamy and fizzy concoction. I think I'll need to take a trip down memory lane and make myself a spider this weekend.

Life's too short to completely deny yourself the things you love, so treat yourself with a healthier option. If you're looking for a great tasting cola and to reduce your sugar and calorie consumption then Pepsi Next is the perfect drink for you.


Pepsi Next is currently available in the 600ml bottle or 24 can packs

Where to buy

You can find Pepsi Next alongside the full Pepsi range at major supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores. 

How can you test out the new Pepsi Next? 

Pepsi are inviting people from around Australia to take part in a blind taste test of naturally less sugar Pepsi Next vs full sugar Coca Cola to see which taste they prefer. 

For full details, please visit Pepsi's Facebook page here.

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