Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vegan Chocolates With Gooey Caramel Centres

Being a vegan, those Cadbury Creme Eggs are a no-go, but I think I've made something which rivals them. While these are not an exact replica, the hard chocolate shell and gooey centre will take you back to Easter as a child. 

With the rich dark chocolate and smooth, sweet filling, vegan chocolates have never tasted better. 

These are quite simply the easiest and most delicious chocolates you can make this Easter. 



70g 100% Cocoa Powder
5 Tbsp (70g) Coconut Oil
20-24 Drops of Now Foods Better Liquid Stevia in Dark Chocolate


4 Fresh Medjool Dates
4 tsp Coconut Sugar


Soak the dates in water for 10-15 minutes
Add the dates, coconut sugar and water (I used around 1/4 to 1/3 Cup of water. It depends how thick or thin you want the caramel) to a blender and pulse until smooth
Put aside and work on the chocolate
Melt the coconut oil, then combine with the cocoa powder and liquid stevia
Stir to remove any lumps, and until well combined
Divide the chocolate mixture between two bowls, one will be for the base of the chocolates, the other for the top
Take one bowl of chocolate and divide between your silicone moulds (I used a mini muffin mould)
Spread the mixture up and around the sides of the moulds
Continue until you have used up the whole bowl - it should make 18 bases
Take the caramel mixture and place a dollop in the centre of each mould
Use the second bowl of chocolate to cover the chocolate base and caramel mixture, ensuring they're completely covered
Once finished, place the chocolates in the fridge for 20-30 minutes or until the chocolate has set
Remove the chocolates from the mould, carefully as they're quite delicate, and enjoy

Makes 18 serves

Macros per serve

67 calories
0.9g protein
4.2g fat
7.2g carbs
4.1g sugar
1.1g fibre

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