Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trying Something New #2

I'm back with another Trying Something New Post and I have four fresh produce reviews for you.
I must admit that I am really enjoying this series, and although I haven't loved everything I've tried, it's fun to expand my fresh produce knowledge.

Have you been inspired to try something new? Leave your comments down below. 

Red Ball Chilli

These pack a punch which is great for someone like me who loves spicy foods.
While I can't distinctively say that the red ball chilli tastes any better than another variety, I did enjoy the spice it added to the dishes I used them in.
It terms of the heat index, I would say it's comparable to the heat of jalapenos. 
I'm not picky when it comes to chillies, but I would repurchase these if they were the cheaper option. 


Longan means Dragon Eyes in Chinese and is often referred to as the little brother of the lychee.
It's almost like a peanut M&M with the thin, hard shell around the flesh, with a black seed in the centre. 
Only the cloudy white/translucent flesh is edible, and personally I felt as though it had absolutely zero sweetness.
There was little to no flavour, reminding me of what unripe, firm pears taste like. 
The flesh is quite firm, although juicy when squeezed, kind of like mandarin segments. 
I was unimpressed with this fruit, so it's unlikely I will repurchase longans in the future.

Nashi Pear

From the outside the nashi pear is deceiving. 
It's skin is thin but rough like a burre bosc pear and the fruit feels very firm like an apple.
Despite these attributes, it's actually increibly juicy like watermelon. 
I imagine a nashi pear would be really refreshing on a hot Summer's day and much more convenient to travel with than an huge chunk of watermelon.
It's a shame that these are quite an expensive fruit (especially on my budget) because I would purchase these on a regular basis. 


Much of the tamarillo reminds me of a tomato, with the shape similar to that of a roma tomato.
The inside is a red-orange but with black seeds.
The taste was slightly tart, more savoury than sweet. 
If I want to eat something that resembles a tomato in almost every way, I'll just eat a tomato. 
I didn't find the tamarillo all that impressive and I won't repurchase. 

Check back soon for another Trying Something New post. 

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