Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trying Something New #3

This time around, I'm trying something new but it's not actually fresh produce, but a fruit puree.

It's no surprise that many people refer to tamarind as 'poop' due to its unappetising brown colour. Not wanting to judge a book by its cover, I was still eager to try it.

The packaging described tamarind as sour and when they say sour, they're not lying. Luckily I love tart foods, however it is a different type of sour, unlike that of sucking on a lemon or lime.

I've seen some vegans on YouTube try tamarind, and they didn't describe it tart, but more sweet - perhaps when it is pureed it tastes different?

I'm definitely keen to try the tamarind out in a curry of some sort, but what I'd really like to do is get my hand on the fruit in its natural, whole form.

You might be able to grab fresh tamarind at your local Asian grocery store.
If you live in Melbourne and have found fresh tamarind, please let me know where in the comments below. Thanks.

I took the suggestion from the packaging and made a drink from the puree.


1 tsp Tamarind puree
1-2 tsp Norbu (or any stevia/natural sweetener of your choice)
1 Cup of Water

(I just used filtered water, but I think it would taste great mixed with soda water or even as part of a fruity cocktail of some sort)

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