Tuesday, July 29, 2014

INTRODUCING: Vitarium Du Chocolat & Giveaway

My week started off wonderfully when a surprise package landed at my door. Inside was a little blogger gift from the folk at Vitarium (affliated with Natvia and Norbu). I received two samples of the new Vitarium Du Chocolat along with an adorable glass and straw, reminiscent of those milk bottles back in the day.

Du Chocolat is the newest offering from Vitarium - a no sugar added drinking cocoa. 

Unlike many drinking cocoa brands, Du Chocolat is milk free making it safe for vegans, but also gluten, nut, egg yeast and GMO free for those with other allergies or sensitivities. 

Du Chocolat is also free from artificial colours and flavours, and by using Natvia rather than sugar and milk powders to sweeten the mixture, it contains 85% less calories than other brands. 

Simply add a few teaspoons of the chocolate drink mix to any type of hot or cold milk of your choosing (my favourites are almond or coconut) for a deliciously decadent drink without the need to visit a cafe. 

Vitarium Du Chocolat is the epitome of guilt-free indulgence.

Look out for some up-coming recipes featuring Du Chocolat. 

For more information visit www.duchocolat.com.au 

Share you Du Chocolat moments and creations with the community by hashtagging #duchocolat on social media. 

Du Chocolat GIVEAWAY

Simply Like Du Chocolat on Facebook, then visit the giveaway page for your chance to win a cannister and be one of the first to try Du Chocolat. It's as simple as that!

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