Monday, July 22, 2013

Wrestling Inspired Tattoos

Wrestling, like-wise with tattoos, still has a stigma surrounding it. If you’re a wrestling fan you’ve probably experienced people making crass comments about it. Much the same with tattoos, people will offer you their opinion on them no matter whether you asked them to or not.

Tattoos can be identified by a style, colour/black and grey, or a theme dictated by an individual’s life experiences. Flash sheets often decorated the walls of a tattoo parlour; not so much anymore. Now tattoos are only limited by your (and your tattoo artist’s) imagination.

It comes as no surprise that die-hard wrestling fans have tattoos dedicated to their love of wrestling. The reason why someone would get a wrestling tattoo is not different to that of anyone else. Wrestling is something they enjoy, just like a person with a movie, music or sporting team tattoo.

You can't help but love this lil guy

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While tattoos can be seen as wearing your heart on your sleeve, there’s no rule saying that a tattoo must have a strong emotional connection behind it. Many people get tattoos of their favourite song lyric, a band’s album cover or a portrait of their favourite singer, or an image, quote, logo relating to their favourite movie, sports team; the list goes on.

In the past I’ve come across an image of a man with the old-school WWF Championship title tattooed on his stomach. There’s a fan with the CM Punk logo tattooed on his forearm, along with a sugar skull lucha libre mask used for Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast; he’s proud to have tattoos representing two of his favourite wrestlers.

Searching the internet for wrestling tattoos I was subjected to the good, the bad and the ugly of tattoos. It’s clear who went to a talented tattoo artist and which of them failed to do their research. No matter what tattoo you’re getting, remember that it’s there forever.

The Macho Man Randy Savage, The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are by far the most popular subjects for portrait tattoos. 

One guy has close to 20 wrestlers tattooed on him! 

I wonder how many more he's had done since this photo was taken?

Check out more of the wrestling inspired tattoos below:

I’m sure sometime in the future I’ll have a wrestling tattoo somewhere on my body.


  1. That guy with close to 20 wrestlers probably regrets that Benoit tattoo now....awkward.The Flair tattoo is really well done (just a shame it's Flair,such a waste of skin!).If you ever do get a wrestling tattoo you need to post it! I suggest you don't get one of Naked Mideon....

    1. I'm curious as to whether he had Benoit done prior to the murder-suicide or after. Either way, I don't think I'd like to look at that everyday of my life.

      Khan is such a great artist, he definitely did Flair justice. Although I agree that it's a waste of skin. Ever since the real Flair was revealed, all his legal troubles and such, it's difficult to respect the man.

      I'm not sure I'd ever get a portrait tattoo of a particular wrestler, rather something wrestling related, whatever that might be.

      Naked Mideon *vomit*

    2. You could always have something like the classic WWF symbol as a tattoo - it's timeless and not tacky.
      Judging by the Jericho tattoo above the Benoit one I wouldn't be surprised if it was done in the early 2000's,in which case it's very unfortunate.That whole tragedy isn't something he would have expected.
      Ah Flair....terrible with money,terrible with women.Bad combination! All he's good for these days is elbow-dropping suit jackets.