Sunday, May 3, 2015

[Product Review] SweetLeaf Watermelon Liquid Stevia

Brand - Wisdom Natural
Product Name - SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia
Flavour - Watermelon
Size - 60ml (2 fl oz)
Serves - 288
Free From - Alcohol, All Animal Products

Liquid Stevia is a product which I use almost daily, and have done so for over two years now. Liquid stevia is always my go-to when wanting to sweeten liquids. I find that granular stevia can take quite some time to dissolve, but that's no issue for the liquid, as you just squirt in a few drops, stir and it's ready to consume. 

My first review of SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia was back in March of 2013. I have gone through many of the flavours, but there's still a few I have yet to try. 

Watermelon was top of my list to try next, so I ordered myself a bottle when placing an iHerb order. 

After the first taste of Watermelon SweetLeaf, I was instantly transported to my childhood, eating watermelon flavoured Jolly Rancher candy. Sure, it doesn't taste like actual watermelon, but that's why I love this flavour so damn much. 

A few days ago I tweeted about a great way to use this Watermelon Liquid Stevia. If you're not following me on Twitter, you can do so @theinkedvegan - I often post updates about the websites I'm launching this year. But I digress; my suggestion was to add a few drop of Watermelon SweetLeaf to some sparkling water to curb your candy cravings, plus you'll easily stay hydrated. 

I don't see this product lasting long in my house, as I've been adding it to almost every glass of water I drink. I definitely see myself repurchasing this product in the future. 

If you, too, loved watermelon candy as a child, then don't delay - order a bottle of SweetLeaf Watermelon Liquid stevia immediately. 

Ways to Use Liquid Stevia

Click here for a collection of recipes where I use liquid stevia in place of sugar. 

Where to Purchase SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia


If you like to support Aussie businesses, you can order the range of SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia from Naturally Sweet. They have great service and fast shipping.

US & International

Order SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia from either iHerb or Vitacost.
If it's your first order you'll save yourself $10 off your order!

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