Friday, November 7, 2014

[Product Review] Nudie: Veggie Nudie Juice

I don't often buy juices, but when I do my favourite is Nudie veggie juice. This Australian owned company prides themselves on being 'creators of good', however I don't think that's accurate; their products far surpass good - they're phenomenal. 

They're a trusted name in juices because they're made of pure fruit and vegetable juice, with nothing else added - no concentrates and no preservatives. 

Veggie Nudie is a delightful combination of fruits and vegetables. It's made from the juice of apples, carrots, oranges and ginger. 

The apple and orange provide the majority of the sweetness, with the carrot creating the wonderful colour and a slightly sweet and earthy/savoury flavour, and the ginger adds a nice zing

I also love the little illustrations depicting the amount of fruits and vegetables contained in the juice. 

This juice is an excellent way to consume more fruit and vegetable goodness during your day. This 400ml bottle contains 1.9 serves of fruit and 1.3 serves of vegetables. All those extra vitamins and minerals do your body good. 

When I'm on the run and need some energy, I grab a bottle of Veggie Nudie from a nearby Coles or Woolworths supermarket. Other times when I buy one to bring home with me, I like to add the juice to another drink concoction. 

I use Veggie Nudie as the base, then add 1 - 1.5L of water, along with some fresh-squeezed lemon juice. This is a simple way to get even more enjoyment out of the juice and to consume a good amount of water in the process.

I'm a huge fan of their apple and orange juices also. The orange juice with pulp is one of THE sweetest I've ever had - like liquid gold. 

Some of the Nudie juice range is currently on sale at Woolworths - grab one and taste the good. 

Find out more about Nudie by checking out their social media accounts - 

Twitter: @nudiejuices

Which is your favourite Nudie product?

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