Monday, February 23, 2015

[Product Review] Fine Fettle Flats

It has only been recently that I discovered Fine Fettle Flats in my local Woolworths supermarket. I was intrigued and excited that one of the big supermarket chains would offer healthy, dehydrated snack foods. 

 Fine Fettle is an Australian-owned company which launched in 2009. Their philosophy is:

Fine Fettle offers a range of innovative and healthy snacks. Real food where you can actually see the ingredients. Our products involve minimal processing. It’s likely you’ll have everything we use already in your kitchen or can easily find at your local grocer. And you certainly won’t find anything in our packs that you can’t pronounce or is assigned a number.
At the core of what we do is dehydration of fruits and vegetables. We dry slowly at low temperatures which helps maintain nutritional goodness and also concentrate the natural flavours of the produce.
We use Australian ingredients where ever possible. Absolutely no GM foods, and are a fully gluten free facility.

These images have been sourced from the Fine Fettle website as I ate all the Flats before I had a chance to photograph them. Whoops! 

At my local Woolworths they have only five flavours currently available - your store may have more. View more of the Fine Fettle Flat range here

Let me begin by saying these all smell so amazing. Despite being just 18g, Fine Fettle Flats are a substantial snack. In fact, I prefer to eat them sporadically throughout the day, to tide me over inbetween meals.

The ingredients used are simple but in the right combination they create these delightful vegan crackers. They're super addictive, however since they're so healthy, there's nothing to feel guilty about.

Fine Fettle Flats are:

Gluten Free
Contain No Added Oil
Low Sodium

Tomato & Basil smell and taste like pizza. A great alternative to those Pizza Shapes that kids love. 

Pear & Hazelnut is like a pear crumble in cracker form. They're subtlety sweet, nutty and a lovely combination of spices. The Flats are a bit chewier than the savoury flavours, but it just means they last longer. Being a limited edition flavour, get in quick and try them for yourself.

The garlic and thyme add a nice flavour kick to the Zucchini & Almond Flats. These would taste great with hummus or some other kind of dip.

The Carrot & Pepita flavour are extra crispy. There's a touch of sweetness from the added agave, although they could be teamed with either a sweet or savoury dip

My favourite of all the flavours is the Corn & Paprika. They're like a healthy corn chip without those crazy artificial colours or flavours.

Fine Fettle Flats are so delicious, I just have to track down the other flavours somehow. 

For some other uses for Fine Fettle Flats, try these suggestions:

Crumble them up and use as a sort of raw croutons in a salad.
Pair with some salsa (or you can buy it in a salsa snack pack).
For a more decadent treat, dip the pear & hazelnut flats with some caramel or chocolate date sauce/dip.

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