Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[Product Review] Orgran Gluten Free Multigrain Wafer Crackers

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of three winners in a competition on Orgran's Facebook page.

I was sent my prize, a few packages of two different gluten free pasta flavours, along with two bonus products - these crackers and the Orgran Gluten Free Croutons. There will be reviews of the pastas and croutons in the coming weeks, but today I want to introduce you to the multigrain wafer crackers.

Orgran is the trusted name in gluten free products, not just in Australia, but in various countries around the world. Their products are always clearly labelled for people with allergies. In fact, all of Orgran's products are:

* Gluten Free
* Wheat Free
* Egg Free
* Dairy Free
* Yeast Free
* Vegan

plus, these particular crackers are also:

* Soy Free
* Kosher
* Tummy Friendly (which means they are made without fructose, onion, garlic or pea flour)

The 100g package contains 10 serves, with each 10g having the following nutritional profile:

36 calories
0.4g protein
0.3g fat
8g carbs
0.1g sugar
0.1g fibre
53mg sodium

These crackers are made predominantly of rice flour, starches and chia seeds which still allows them to achieve the typical cracker crunch. 

Some people who are not gluten sensitive or a celiac are often warey of gluten free products and imagine they taste like cardboard - this certainly is not the case with these wafer crackers. These crackers are low in fat compared to some other brands available in supermarkets that actually creates a more cleaner, savoury taste. 

Despite there being no sugar added, there's just the slightest hint of sweetness to these crackers which means they could be teamed with a savoury or a sweet dip of some sort. 

To find out more about Orgran's line of products, visit the links below:

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