Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Product Review] Naturally Nood Bars - Part Two

I was in Coles earlier this week and discovered that they're now selling Naturally Nood bars. There were still three flavours that I had yet to try, so I decided to treat myself to them. 

Banana Bread

Upon first bite the bar appears to be quite bland however, as you chew, the banana flavour comes through. It's still quite subtle, but pleasant. I think this bar would benefit from the addition of cinnamon for a truer banana bread experience. 

Cocoa & Orange Tango

Actually includes apple juice and fibre, in addition to orange juice, to add sweetness. I found that the orange flavour really wasn't present. Despite very little cocoa being used to make the bar, that's the dominant flavour, and perhaps orange oil should have been used instead. 

Cheeky Cocoa

A bar as simple as this truly is the perfect alternative to a traditional chocolate bar. There's some texture from the cashews, however this bar is sure to cure any chocolate cravings. 

To see what I thought of the other three Naturally Nood flavours, click here to read Part One of my review. 

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