Thursday, October 1, 2015

[Product Review] Mission Foods Wraps

As a vegan, it's hit and miss in the supermarket trying to find wraps that don't contain dairy. But, great news, Mission Foods Chia & Red Quinoa Wraps are free from dairy, so safe for fellow vegans and those of you who may be lactose intolerant.

This new line of Mission Foods wraps contain superfoods, with chia and quinoa being staple seeds and grains consumed by the Aztec people. The red quinoa adds nice speckles of colour to the wraps, but quinoa is more impressive than that. Quinoa, also referred to as "the mother of all grains" contains all nine essential amino acids - perfect for all the vegans and vegetarians out there.

If you're unfamiliar with chia seeds, they're packed full of fibre and protein, plus are a vegan source of omega-3 fats and calcium. Chia seeds are a favourite of mine, however I generally enjoy them in sweet recipes, so eating them in a savoury wrap is a nice change.

The wraps come in handy resealable packaging  
Wraps make an excellent alternative to bread, and these Chia & Red Quinoa ones are a source of fibre, to keep you feeling fuller for longer. And, unlike bread, I find that these wraps have a better shelf-life once filled with your chosen ingredients, unlike bread which can go soggy once you add sauces or salad ingredients.

Forgo the sandwich basics of ham and cheese, or peanut butter or Vegemite, add some variety to your school or work lunches with a flavour-packed wrap.

For a real Mexican taste sensation load a wrap up with rice, beans, salsa, fresh veg (lettuce, tomato, onions), and some guacamole if you please.

To help yourself enjoy a salad wrap, something as simple as mustard can turn mundane vegetables into a deliciously simple meal.

Whilst these wraps taste fantastic as is, they're just as great when toasted. Add vegetables, your grain or bean of choice, with a sauce or some cheese (vegan, if needed), wrap it all up and toast in a sandwich press for an added bit of crunch.

But don't think of Mission Foods wraps as just wraps - they can be versatile in your everyday meals. Make enchiladas or a quesadilla for a Mexican feast. For an AFL Grand Final snack idea, chop the wraps into triangles and toast in the oven, until crisp, for tortilla chips that are free from artificial colours and flavours, and serve with homemade guacamole and a Mission Foods salsa.

Mission Foods wraps are available in Woolworths and selected independent supermarkets.

The Chia and the Red Quinoa Wraps are not the only vegan products from Mission Foods. Various other wraps and Mexican salsas are cruelty-free - the Black Bean Chipotle salsa is a personal favourite of mine.

View the full line of Mission Foods products here.

Thanks, Mission Foods, for allowing me to treat my family to a lovely, delicious Mexican dinner. 

NOTE: The chicken and cheese were consumed by my parents. 

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