Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fat-Free Vegan Curry Pastes

Most store bought curry pastes contain animals products, so as a vegan we have to be sure to carefully read ingredient lists. Lately I've been enjoying curried oven-baked potatoes for lunch and dinner which means I've used a lot of curry paste. 

I went to stock up and decided to see which other brands were available, and it's lucky that I did. I discovered that the Thai Gourmet red, green and yellow curry pastes are vegan. Not only that, but they're gluten free and completely fat free. There's no oil added to the pastes which is great for those of you who try to limit your oil/fat intake. 

If you're a HCLF vegan like I am, then you might want to add these Thai Gourmet curry pastes to your shopping list

Brand - Thai Gourmet
Flavours - Red Curry, Yellow Curry, Green Curry
Size - 240g
Serves - 14
Price - $2.50
Available - in the Asian aisle of Coles supermarkets

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