Friday, June 7, 2013

[Book Review] Inked - Carey Hart

Author:  Carey Hart with Chris Palmer
Photography: Bill Thomas
Publisher: Artisan
Date Published: September 2008

For some, Carey Hart is a Freestyle Motocross legend and to others he is Pink’s husband, but he is also a business man. Hart has built the brand Hart & Huntington around his love of tattoos and motocross, which has spawned a clothing line, tattoo shops and the sponsorship of athletes. However it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. What began as a business venture between friends, ended with Hart buying out his partner’s share of the business, but still keeping the name.

His show Inked aired the same year as Miami Ink (2005) however what made his show different was the location. Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company was the first ever tattoo parlour in a Las Vegas hotel. Following in line with the reality television formula, much of the show was based around dramas within the shop. What’s great about the book is that the sole focus is on the art and the stories behind them.

The introduction is written by Hart himself. He details his love of tattoos, what his first piece was and how a career-ending accident was what started a new chapter in his life, inspiring him to open his own tattoo shop.

From 2004 until 2009 Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company was located at The Palms. It was relocated to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in 2009 where Hart’s now defunct Wasted Space rock club was also situated. In 2013 the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company can be found in Orlando, Niagara Falls in addition to Las Vegas. For more information click here.

The book features photographs of many of tattoo artists who were featured on the Inked television show, along with clients and Hart’s friends. Some of the more recognisable faces would be that of MMA fighter Kit Cope and Pin-Up Model Sabina Kelley. Each person gives a little insight into who tattooed them and why they got a specific piece.

Tattooing can still be seen as a fad to the uninformed, but it’s a practice which has been around for thousands of years. Co-Author Bill Thomas provides a short history of tattooing, from the traditions of tribal cultures to the creation of the electric tattoo machine. Inked is somewhat of a beginner’s guide to tattooing, as it also includes information of how to care for a new tattoo.

If you love reading about the meaning behind people’s tattoos or are a Carey Hart fan then add this book to your collection.

Inked is available online at Book Depository and Amazon.

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