Friday, May 17, 2013

Top Ten Tattoo Magazines

 Tattoo magazines have evolved from simply photos of people’s tattoos, to interviews with musicians, bands, actors and tattoo artists sharing their love and passion for tattooing.

If you look back over my past reviews of magazines such as Inked Australia/NZ you will see that these magazines are so much more than pretty pictures. Tattoo magazines are a celebration of this permanent body art that so many of us love.

Like most things in life, and as with tattoo artists themselves, there are some tattoo magazines which are better than others.
What makes a great tattoo magazine? It’s really up to the individual, but for me it must promote safe tattooing practices, showcase talented tattoo artists in my home country and abroad, provide contact details for the featured artists and cover the range of tattooing styles out there.

Here’s a list of my Top Ten Tattoo Magazines:


Inked Australia/NZ
Tattoos Down Under
Inked Artists
Tattoo Candy

United States

Bound By Ink
Freshly Inked


Skin Deep
Skin Shots
Total Tattoo

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Stay tuned as more content will be coming soon.

Do you buy tattoo magazines? Which is your favourite?

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