Sunday, September 1, 2013

[TAP] Rory Pickersgill

Rory featured in a post from July where I listed the best tattoo artists in Australia to visit for Japanese style tattooing.  While I think his traditional tattoos are beautiful, I think it's Rory's Japanese work where his talent really shines. 

Rory will be at the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo next weekend along with other artists from Foothills Tattoo, where he currently works. I'll be featuring a couple more artists from that studio later this week. 

By the looks of this Facebook status, demand for tattoos at the expo is quite high, but if you'd like to get tattooed, it can't hurt to send an email in the event of a cancellation. The beauty of these expos is being able to observe these artists at work whether or not you get tattooed.

Instagram: @rory_pickersgill_tattoo

Check back tomorrow for another Tattoo Artist Profile. 

To find out all about the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo, click here. 

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