Monday, July 8, 2013

[Magazine Review] Inked Australia/NZ Magazine: Issue 20

Not to be outdone by past issues, Issue 20 is packed full of interviews with tattoo artists, bands and with even more stunning art to drool over. 

If anyone you knows says that tattoos aren't sexy, show them this month's cover. 

My favourite feature this month has to be The Best Tattoos in Movies Ever (page 86). You may be surprised at just how many movie characters have sported some fake ink of some sort. Funnily, now the actors themselves are having to spend hours covering their recognisable tattoos for their roles. It would not be fun to be Angelina Jolie or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Voting is now open for Miss Inked 2014. The finalists have been whittled down from the hundreds of entries, to the Top 10. Along with Inked Australia/NZ and Miss Inked 2013, Miss Tash, you, yes YOU get to vote for who you think should be crowned Miss Inked 2014. 

To find out a little more about the Top 10, check them out in the magazine. 
To vote, head to the Facebook page or check out the finalists on Instagram @inkedaustralia 

Inked's resident tattooist, Kian Forreal shares his humbling experience of getting tattooed by the living legend, Horiyoshi III, and the honor of receiving a Japanese name, Horisumi.   

This Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese 'Fuck Snow Globe' (page 29) will be mine!!

If you've been thinking about subscribing to Inked Australia/NZ Magazine, think no longer. As if saving 30% off the cover price wasn't great enough, the current subscription gift may just twist your arm.

So, what is this amazing gift? A day-pass to your choice of the 2013 Perth or Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo, or the 2014 Sydney Tattoo Expo. 

No there's no excuse why you should be missing out on spending a day surrounded by some of the best tattoo artists from Australia and worldwide.

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