Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tattoo Videos You Need to See

There are hundreds, thousands even, of tattoo videos online. If you're looking for some different tattoo videos to watch, check out the ones below. 

These include hand poked/tebori tattoo processes, interviews with tattoo artists you may have never heard of and the ugly side to tattooing: someone attempting to teach amateurs how to tattoo in a matter of weeks.

Horiyoshi III is one of the most respected Japanese tattooers. He comes from a long line of masters who have handed down their knowledge to only those they deem worthy. In fact, the tattoo masters are the ones who choose a name for their apprentice. Hori means to engrave which is then paired with another significant word, or like with Horiyoshi III, he took on the name of his master, as his master did before him. 

In this video you will see Horiyoshi III tattooing freehand, directly on the body. No stencil, no rough sketch. There's no doubt he's a true master of this craft.

Vice : Tattoo Age is a documentary series focusing about nothing but the art of tattooing. There's none of that scripted drama or all that crying found on most tattoo shows. Rather, Tattoo Age delves into the lives of past and present tattoo artists, who live and breathe tattooing.

Click here to view videos on the likes of Valerie Vargas from the UK, Mutsuo from Japan and legends such as Freddy Corbin, Thom deVita and Mike Rubendall. 

Tattoo School Pilot Episode - Simply the title of this video makes me cringe. There is just so much wrong with the video, but you can't look away. Just one look of the work pumped out is proof that an apprencticeship with a reputable, professinoal tattoo artist is the only way to go if you want to learn tattooing the right way.

Kian Forreal has been tattooing for almost two decades. His career has taken him around the world, learning and tattooing wherever he goes. You can find his column in each issue of Inked Australia/NZ magazine, or check out his stunning work on his website.

Have you ever wondered what tattooing looks like in slow motion? Well, wonder no more!

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