Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Celebrities With Bad Tattoos

For people with disposable incomes, money does not always buy them quality tattoos. Celebrities have some of the worst tattoos I’ve seen. Most of these celebrities live in Los Angeles, a city bursting with tattoo art and culture. Tattoo artists such as Grant Cobb, Mark Mahoney, Dan Smith and Kat Von D (to name a few) reside there, artists which are known around the world.

How, in this day and age, do people, specifically celebrities, end up with such awful tattoos?

Below is a list of celebrities who have some of the worst body art in the entertainment industry -

Harry Styles - Where do I start? It's probably easier just to say there's not much good about them. Shocking placement and the possibility that some aren't done by actual tattoo artists.

Nick Lachey - A tribal armband and sun, filled in to cover his old 98 degrees tattoo. Tribal, need I say more?

Justin Bieber - There’s just something a little off about the Jesus tattoo on his calf. He clearly made a bad choice of portrait artist.

Usher - Justin Bieber’s mentor has his own name tattooed on his body. Is it there as a daily reminder or is he just that vain?

Angelina Jolie - Her infamous Billy Bob tattoo is another reminder of what a bad idea lover’s name tattoo are. Gone is his names and the dragon below it, now covered with the geographical coordinates from where her children were born. Unfortunately for her, it’s proof that laser removal doesn’t have a 100% success rate, you can still faintly see the dragon beneath her new tattoo.

Megan Fox - As someone who always seemed so rebellious and often talked about tattoos in media interviews, it came as quite a surprise that she decided to get laser removal treatments to her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. A silly mistake so young has meant she’ll spend ten times as much money trying to get rid of the ink.

Nick Carter - The Paris tattoo on his wrist may be long gone, covered with ‘Old Habits Die Hard’, but , with her dating history, who knows what long-term effects their short-lived relationship has had on his health.

Mike Tyson - Sadly, getting punched in the face a few more times won’t get rid of Tyson’s tribal facial tattoo, or the other horrible portrait tattoos he has on his body.

Pauly D - The Jersey Shore Guido has three large back tattoos, each as terrible as the next. A huge tribal piece across his shoulders, his skin ‘ripped’ to show his Italian flag flesh, then to top it off, his name written in Old English. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Dave Navarro - I thought arm bands were bad enough, but one made up of dolphins? Hideous.

Jamie Foxx - Unless your body is completely covered, I’ll never understand why someone would get their cranium tattooed. Jamie Foxx went one step further by getting a tramp stamp looking tribal piece on the back of his head. Not a good look on anyone.

Johnny Depp - Another victim of the dreaded lover’s name tattoo. What once said ‘Winona Forever’ now reads ‘Wino Forever’. It may look slightly different, but everyone knows what it really said.

Jordan - Why cover up or get laser removal of the tattoo of your ex-husband’s name when you can tattoo a cross over it instead? Stay classy, Jordan.

Pamela Anderson - Not only does she sport a trashy-looking barbed wire armband tattoo, it was sharing a needle with her then husband, Tommy Lee which ended with her contracting the lifelong Hepatitis C blood disease. Lesson: never share needles and don’t get tattooed by anyone who thinks otherwise.

You may try to deny it, but tattoo trends are often spurred on by celebrities themselves. People look up to celebrities and are inspired to get their own tattoos. This is why there are so many average people walking around with horrible ink. 

Perhaps celebrities could start a new tattoo trend: beautiful ones done by reputable and talented artists in safe and sterile environments.

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