Monday, September 2, 2013

[TAP] Ryan Smith

Blackwork / dotwork tattoos along with geometric tattoos are those which I am beginning to see me of, online and in magazines. Today's featured TAP, Ryan Smith is well-versed in this style, in addition to colourful traditional and Japanese style tattoos. 

Dotwork is quite interesting to watch as it is done using different tattoo techniques than the usual linework and colour of most tattoos. I suggest you stop by the Foothills Tattoo both at the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo to see Ryan in action. 

I know I just featured an artist from Foothills Tattoo yesterday, but all great tattooist surround themselves with other talented people. We might just see another pop up on the blog before the end of the week. 

Instagram: @ryansmithtattoos

Check back tomorrow for another Tattoo Artist Profile. 

To find out all about the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo, click here. 

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