Friday, August 16, 2013

[Magazine Review] Inked Australia/NZ Inked Artists Volume 5

In which magazine can you find a skeleton Rosie the Riveter tattoo, a 9/11 and NWO chest piece and an Amy Winehouse portrait? Inked Australia/NZ Inked Artists Volume 5, of course!

Not unlike the other four volumes, Inked Artists has the perfect mix of traditional, colour, black and grey, Japanese, abstract and portrait tattoos. 

I've only recently been researching more black and dot work tattoos, but have already fallen head over heels in love with it. The finger tattoos by Tamara Lee on page 97 are unusual but as equally beautiful. 

Covergirl Clare Hampshire's chola kewpie doll on page 25 is so unbelievably cute, as is her other work. For those of you who love girly and retro themes with a traditional twist, then this is the artist for you. 

Nikko Hurtado's colour portraits of Jack Nicholson as The Joker and Animal from The Muppets on page 111 are impressive...until you turn the page. It's rare to see a tattoo of Chucky from the Child's Play era and Nikko has sure done him justice. 

Another of my favourite Batman villians has made this issue with Benjamin Laukis' tattoo of The Penguin. For those of you attending the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo next month I suggest watching this man work. His speed and talent are simply incredible. If you're getting tattooed by him, just know that I hate you a little :)

Jesse Smith's large-scale cartoon/comic-eqsue style tattoos will simply blow your mind. Other than traditional Japanese body suits, the work on pages 114 and 115 are some of the best body suits I have ever seen. The depth of field, colours and subject matter are as unique as the man himself. 

Out of the 162 pages of tattoos my all-time favourite has to be the Lloyd Christmas tattoo by Steve Wimmer on page 104. My love of Dumb and Dumber is ever-lasting.

Now, enough reading about the magazine, go out and buy yourself a copy!

Inked Australia/NZ Inked Artists Volume 5 is now available in all good newsagents. 

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