Friday, February 12, 2016

[Product Review] Ocean Spray - Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink

With people becoming more aware of their sugar consumption, Ocean Spray has introduced a new line of cranberry beverages. Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand are the new Ocean Spray Low Sugar Fruit Drinks.

The new range comes in three flavours: Cranberry, Cran-Lemonade, and Cran-Mango.

Don't be worried about the term 'fruit drink' as in this case, fruit drink is not a negative because you'd never drink straight cranberry juice - it's far too tart to be palatable.

Unlike other sugar-filled fruit drinks on the market, Ocean Spray's Low Sugar Fruit Drinks contain water and the natural, low calorie sweetener, stevia with there being just 10 calories per serve.

Macros per 200ml serve

10 calories
0g protein
0g fat
2,4g carbs
20mg sodium

It's the sweetness from the stevia which counteracts the tartness of the cranberrries, making for a delightful, fruity beverage - perfect for those of you looking for a tasty, lower calorie drink option.

I love all things cranberry and the Ocean Spray Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Drink does not disappoint. I've been drinking it in the morning with my breakfast and adding some to my smoothies for an extra dimension of flavour.

Swap your favourite fizzy drinks for a glass of Ocean Spray Low Sugar Fruit Drink. Even get a little creative with them by adding some frozen fruit or citrus slices. If you're still craving that fizzy sensation, add a little soda water.

 Here are some other healthy swaps you could integrate into your lifestyle, everyday or a few times per week. These quick and simple changes can make a big difference over time.

  • Try Meatless Monday's - swap the meat in your dish for tofu or tempeh. 
  • Swap your cow's milk for a dairy-free option, like soy, almond, or another nut milk. 
  • Instead of your morning coffee, try waking up with a large glass of lemon water - it's hydrating and gets your metabolism going.
  • If you take public transport to work, get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way. 

Look for Ocean Spray Low Sugar Fruit Drinks in the juice aisle of your local supermarket.

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