Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rites of Passage Festival 2015 - Black & Grey Realism Tattoo Artists

To see some of the masters of black and grey realism tattooing, you need to attend this year's Rites of Passage Festival. 

Carlos Torres
IG: @carlostorresart

Franco Vescovi
IG: @franco_vescovi

Paul Booth
IG: @paulbooth

Sergio Sanchez
IG: @sergiosanchezart

Sam Nugent
IG: @insamnia

Beny Pearce
IG: @tat2beny

Mike Mullaney
IG: @mike_tattoo

Chris Pengilly
IG: @chrispengilly

Nashy Gunz
IG: @nashygunz

Franck Tattooer
IG: @francktattooer

Marissa O
IG: @marissa_o

Chantelle Thong
IG: @chantellethongtattoos

Laz Tattoo
IG: @laz_tattoo

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