Thursday, June 13, 2013

[Book Review] With The Light of Truth

Compiled by: Dan Smith –
Design & Layout: Keath Moon –
Editors: Jinxi Caddel, Jamie Parker, Mike DeVries
Published by: Memento Publishing - 

I purchased With The Light Of Truth a few months ago and have only just begun to read it. The book features artists from around the world, all with such a passion and dedication for the art of tattooing. Every single artist in this 256-page book is Straight Edge – drug and alcohol free.

In the preface Dan delves in to the definition of dedication and how it’s such an integral quality to possess; one which those featured in the book know all too well.  He goes in to how the Straight Edge lifestyle came to being and how it has grown in the last three decades. For him, to live such a lifestyle means being self-aware, to look around and realise the cause and effect of addictive substances, and rather than learning from mistakes, being wise enough not to make that mistake to begin with.

Whether you’re Straight Edge or not, With The Light Of  Truth is an interesting look in to the world of tattoo artists. The interviews with each artist allow you to gain some insight of how they first were exposed to tattooing, their art influences, how long they’ve been Straight Edge and how their lifestyle has impacted on their tattooing/art.

Dedication is a theme which resonates through the words and the work of all 60 artists. The dedication to their lifestyle and to their job, their passion. The dedication to work long days tattooing people, to go home and draw up pieces for the next day’s clients. The dedication to better themselves each day and have the thirst and drive to continue living Straight Edge.

Like with most tattoo books, I am blow away by the calibre of talent which graces the pages of With The Light Of  Truth. The tattoos, sketches, and watercolour paintings cover a wide range of subject matter, from Straight Edge imagery, to traditional and everything in between.

If you’re looking for Straight Edge, or just simply talented,  tattoo artists in your corner of the world, then With The Light Of  Truth is the book for you.

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