Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Save 20% at Omerica Organic

Omerica Organic is a US-based company which creates custom-made wooden plugs for stretched lobes.
Wood is a great material for plugs and for people to wear as jewellery as it's light and allows your lobes/skin to breathe. It's a natural product, unlike acrylic, and is non-toxic. 

As all of their plugs are custom-made, the plug selection process allows customers to select the size of the plug, the wearing length (thickness of your earlobes), and the wearing size (ie single flare, double flare etc), with the added bonus of mm and inch measurements. 

With seven different variations on the traditional plug, Omerica Organic has a wide selection to choose from. 

Still have earrings from your pre-stretched lobe years? You'll love their Innovation collection which enables you to attach your favourite stud and even dangly earrings to your plug!

Here are a few of my favourites:


Stone Inlay Paua

Locked Up

With plugs from 00g all the way up 2 inches, and hundreds of designs and styles, there's something you or a loved one will adore from Omerica Organic. 

SAVE 20%

Use my promo code MEDUSA at and you'll save yourself 20% off their entire range of: 

Dog Tags
Gift Certificates


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