Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All About My Piercings

I've spoken at length all about my many tattoos, but piercings is something which I have rarely mentioned. In terms of forms of self-expression, piercings are a less permanent option. 

Over the years I've had as few as two piercings and as many as thirteen piercings at the one time. 

Current piercings

Both ear lobes stretched to 3/4"
16g conch
16g cartlidge
16g lip

Piercing History 


I first got my ears pierced for my 5th birthday. Back in those days it was just what you did at that age. It wasn't until five years later that I convinced my mum to let me pierce them a second time, again for my birthday.

From there my desire for more piercings grew stronger. At age 11 I added to my ears with a third set of studs, and a single cartlidge piercing on my right ear the following year. 

I got my fourth and fifth sets of earlobe piercings in my late teens/early 20s before I learnt of the danger with piercing guns. Unsurprisingly I had issues with the healing, severe swelling and had to remove all four of them. Since then all my piercings have been done by needles and professional body piercers.

At 23 I went and got my first unusual and uncommon ear piercing, in what they call the conch of my right ear.

For my 24th birthday, instead of celebrating with a party or going out for dinner, I spent the day at the Piercing Urge geting tattooed and having my earlobes scaleplled. I went from a standard 18/16g piercing to 00g in a matter of minutes.

I also removed my second and third sets of ear piercings when I had this procedure done and just forgot about them; they've since closed up.


When I was 14, navel/belly button piercings were seen on tonnes of celebrities. It became a trend, and sadly one which I succumbed to. After five or six years it suddenly decided to reject, thus I retired it circa 2007/2008.


 Rather than atending my Year 10 formal I got my right nostril pierced as an early Christmas present. After almost ten years, I retired this piercing earlier this year.


I went behind my parents back and got this done when I was 18. I actually managed to hide it from them for a good six months or so. I'm not sure how they didn't notice me lisping those few days after. I retired it sometime in 2012, but I can't quite remember why.


I'd had my lip pierced for only a couple of months before I went on my big North America holiday. Towards the end of my North America holiday I lost the ball off the end and had to take it out. I had it re-pierced a few months later when I got my conch done at 23.

Future piercings

Third Eye


When it comes to body piercings, remember this: piercing guns are bad, needles are good.

Despite the concerning information and facts surrounding piercing guns, they're still used to pierce people's ears, lips and noses. It's impossible to sterilise piercing guns and they cause trauma to your skin tissue. Always visit a reputable piercing studio where they use sterilised equipment (steamed at high temperatures in an autoclave) and only single-use needles.

In Melbourne I would suggest The Piercing Urge, and in Sydney visit First Blood.
If you know of other piercing studios around Australia, feel free to list them in the comments section below.

What is your favourite piercing?
Which piercing is next on your list to get?

I'll be putting up a post about my ear scalpelling experience within the next few weeks.

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