Friday, August 30, 2013

[TAP] Liam Smith

Can you believe it's now only one week until the inaugural Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo?

Is it too early to start counting down to the 3rd Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo? Only three months to go and already it's shaping up to be another unmissable event. The list of attending artists is slowly growing and Sabina Kelley has been announced as this year's special guest.

Anyway, back to today's TAP. Liam Smith is a tattooist working out of Lost City Tattoo in Perth. 

Liam's style could be described as neo-traditional. There are many artists appearing at the Perth expo whose styles are similar, however with any label and style, everyone has their own flare and way of doing things. There are similarities and differences in any artists work.

The beauty of being in a room of so many artists is that those looking to get tattooed all have their own opinion and perspective of what they love in terms of tattoos.

For me, you can never go wrong with a neo-traditional tattoo. I believe the style is timeless, but unlike traditional tattoos there is slightly more character, emotion and variety in the neo-traditional style.

Instagram: @lemonsmiff 

Check back tomorrow for another Tattoo Artist Profile. 

To find out all about the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo, click here. 

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