Friday, August 23, 2013

[TAP] WA Ink

Today marks two weeks until the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo and the first [TAP] Tattoo Artist Profile.

WA Ink, situated in Fremantle, is the home of the five artists I am featuring today, all of whom will be in attendance at the inaugural Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo. 

When looking through the list of artists it was the work of Merrick Ames, Pari Corbitt, James McKenna,  Aaron Ashworth and Daniel Formentin, which first caught my eye, and they all just happen to work together!

Merrick Ames

Specialises in black & grey tattoos and realism.

Pari Corbitt

Specialises in blackwork/ black & grey and neo-traditional tattoos

James McKenna

Specialises in traditional/old school tattoos.

Aaron Ashworth 

Specialises in black& grey, full colour, Japanese and traditional tattoos.

Daniel Formentin

Specialises in black & grey, neo-traditional and custom tattoos.

If the flash sheets are anything to go by, if you can't manage a tattoo, pick up some artwork for your walls at home.

What if you can't make the expo? WA Ink has their own Etsy store with tonnes of prints for you to purchase. Decorate your home with their art now, then decorate your body with their art in the future. 

Twitter: @WAInkTattoo
Instagram: @wa_ink_tattoo

Check back tomorrow for another Tattoo Artist Profile. 

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