Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Vegan Oils of Choice for Stretched Ears

When you are stretching your ears, massaging your lobes with oil is essential in promoting blood flow and keeping them healthy and supple. The thought of using emu oil creeps me out, so I stick to two vegan oils: coconut and jojoba.

Coconut Oil can be used in place of olive oil, in many vegan chocolate desserts and, like with jojoba oil, for a variety of homemade beauty products. Simply Google these two oils and you'll be surprised how versatile they truly are. 

Most websites which specialise in jewellery for stretched ears sell jojoba oil. However, if you're frugal like I am, paying $5 for a tiny bottle (1 fluid ounce - 30ml) seems a tad steep. My beloved iHerb has come to be rescue on more than one occasion, and this situation is no different; they stock jojoba oil at a fraction of the price.

If you want to use the jojoba oil exclusively for your stretched ears, the Now Foods, Solutions, Jojoba Oil, 4 fl oz (118 ml) for $9.93 (or $11.46 for the organic version) is perfect. 

However, if you use jojoba for more than just your ears the Now Foods, Jojoba Oil, 16 fl oz gives you the best deal, at $27.53 for a whopping 473ml - a saving of $51 compared to buying equal amounts from a jewellery website. 

With coconut oil. you have quite a few options. Yes, buying in bulk is the best value for money, but depdning on your needs, the Cococare, 100% Coconut Oil, 4 oz (110 g) for $2.86 may be the better choice and will last for quite some time. 

For those of you who cook with coconut oil, a larger bottle is best, and simply cut out a chunk and keep in a separate container, to use only for your ears. My coconut oil of choice is Jarrow Formulas, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, 32 oz (908 g) for $14.35. 

If it's your first order at enter NDW884 at checkout, and to you Aussies, check out their shipping deal for September

Which oil do you prefer to use on your stretched ears?

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